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A guide to 99 smithing Image

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 A guide to 99 smithing

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PostSubject: A guide to 99 smithing   A guide to 99 smithing EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 10:44 am

First, take your account and mine 500 copper ore and 500 tin ore. Then with all of that smith it and check your level. Now once you have 500 bronze bars, smith them into bronze short swords and then go back for the 500 copper and 500 tin ore and repeat the whole process of smelting and smithing bronze short swords until you are level 30 smithing.

Now just get 100k in cash by making money however you can and then buy as much coal and iron you can but make sure you get double to amount of coal than iron. Now take all of that and start smelting the coal and iron into bars. Now make steel daggers, axes, then steel short swords. Then after you have smithed all of those sell the steel short swords in VARROK, sell them to the sword trader in the town. (If you don’t know where the sword trader is, just ask someone.) Now keep doing that until you get up to 48 smithing. Then smith all of the bars that you make into steel platebodies. Either sell these to the platebody trader in VARROK or High Alchemy them which means you use the magic spell High Alchemy on them and that gives you 1k gp per Steel platebody. Do the steel platebody thing until you reach level 60 -OR- you can join a smithing business and ask them about the free smithing exp that they might give out and if they do then ask them how to do it.

Congrats on making it this far in this hard-to-level skill. Ok now go to world 1,3,4,5 and go to the FALADOR BANK in FALADOR and ask for someone who wants to mine for you and you can smith the bars and then smith the bars into whatever and then give them the full profit of it and tell them that it will help level up their mining. -OR- You can keep doing the free smithing exp job that you might have been doing before. -OR- You can do something else like buy mithril ore and buy 4 times the amount of ores in coal to get higher smithing pretty fast.

Now is when I should congratulate you for being able to smith rune bars. You have a lot of fortitude. Ok now if you are member you can advertise on the official forums and say a “level (Insert smithing level here) will smith up to rune for anyone” and people will private message you and you just smith for them and then you get a high level.(you can also do that if you’re a non-member by going to FALADOR BANK and asking if people want up to rune smithed and that your looking for free smithing exp. -OR- if your mining level is high enough, you can always mine rune ore and smelt it for your full profit. -OR- you can buy all of you ores and smelt them.

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PostSubject: Re: A guide to 99 smithing   A guide to 99 smithing EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 11:34 am

This guide is pretty outdated, so I'm assuming you made this a long time ago and it's a copy and paste; so here's what's outdated:

It's almost impossible to hire someone out to mine, fish, woodcut, etc. due to the limit on the amount of gold you are allowed to trade every hour. With the amount of money it costs for (insert ores here) you'd probably be able to make 100 bars an hour if you had someone just give you the ore, which is trash XP. One of the main things smithing has going for it is the profit you can make, but that goes bye-bye if you actually do hire someone.

Also the forums have been available to nonmembers for quite some time now.

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A guide to 99 smithing
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